As explained in last article we have seen a big change in customer habits and needs over time.

Our close customers asked us more and more frequently to send them items’ photos by email or whatsapp to make order remotely, without coming in store.

Meanwhile we increasingly received online request by new customers, who wanted to see products and get information before coming in store.

We decided to innovate our system to match customers’ needs.

We have more than 10000 items in warehouse, but we worked hard to meet your needs and put all our product in a virtual catalogue online.

We built a photography set, we made photos of all items, we update our ERP, switching to a cloud based system, and we rethink our customer approach.

Now we finally can give you the opportunity to see our catalogue online. 

Now you can see items’ photos, prices, categories, brands and sizes from your office or home. 

You just have to fill the form sending us specific requests. You can choose your favorite brands, select specific categories, select the price range, and so on. Click and send request.

After filling the form you will receive an email (in 2/3 days) with a link to access a private page where are displayed all the available products based on your choices.

Why don’t we display immediately all our products? You will read the reason in the new article next week.

Try the new system by yourself in the meanwhile.

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