If you ask yourself: “why can I see only some articles and not the whole catalogue?”

We can reassure you: “yes, you can”. If you need to see whole catalogue just ask and we can send you access to it. But could be difficult to navigate in thousand and thousand of product without help. Especially in B2B sector.

Our goal is to make your life easy and replicate our in store hospitality.

So filling the form you make an initial selection and access to our personal assistance.

Imagine to walk through the door of our showroom and your personal assistant introduce you and show you all.

We want to help you in selecting the right articles for your needs, instead of leaving alone in front of thousand of items.

You know what your customers want, you know what they need. Our duty is to help you to find it.

If, instead, you are opening a new store or ecommerce, we are here to help you arrange your new collection, your proposal. To show you all you need.

We are here for you, to answer any doubt, request or advice.

In next article we will explain in details how our personal assistance work properly.

For any needs or help how to fill the form or else you can reserve a call just now.

If you are already registered or want to fill the form